Interviews with Alianta GALA Awardees and Guests
Washington, D.C. / October 7, 2015
Produced and Edited by Emil Moldoveanu
Event Media Production, Baltimore, MD
AWARDEE Radu Georgescu (Romania and California) "Building Romanian/U.S. bridges in the tech world ..."
"Next to my induction into the Romanian Academy this is the biggest event ..." Dr. Adrian Bejan (N. Carolina)
"My father came to the U.S. and built a family from the ground up ..." William Bejan (Washington, D.C.)
"We're sharing a cross-section of Romanian art in the U.S. ..." Sonia Coman (New York)
"It's about making connections ..." Ionut Radulescu (New York)
AWARDEE Robert Kaplan (New York)
"In my book Romania is a vehicle to explore Russian imperialism ..."
" A quest for unity in our community ..." John Banu (Florida)
"Our relationship is good now ..." Jay Burgess, Department of Commerce (Washington, D.C.)
" Making imvestments to help Romania grow..."
Hnry Consul John Rakolta (Michigan)
"Romanian-US diaspora is vibrant, dynamic ..." Ambassador George Maior (Washington, DC)
"I work at CEPA and look at how to engage the US in Central and Eastern Europe ..." Corina Renegea (Washington, DC)
"I manage relationships between the US and Romanian governments ..." Leanne Cannon, Department of State (Wash, DC)
"We're building the first master-planned community in ex-Communist Eastern Europe ..." Don Lothrop (Ohio)
GALA CHAIR: Dr. Iuliana Niculescu (Detroit, Michigan)
AWARDEE Dr. Adrian Bejan (Duke University - North Carolina)