MEETING with Ambassador Hans Klemm
March 10, 2016 / Washington, DC

Members of the newly expanded ALIANTA Board and Advisory Board met with Ambassador Hans Klemm in Washington, DC.

In informally shared remarks, the Ambassador outlined three priorities of his official mission in Romania:
- to strengthen the security relationship in military, cyber, and energy fields
- to encourage democratic processes including efforts to tame corrupt practices
- to stimulate economic prosperity with a focus on U.S. investment, entrepreneurship, innovation and info-tech growth

Board and Advisory Board members exchanged ideas on how best to support the Ambassador's initiatives intended to bridge the American-Romanian relationship. Suggestions focused in large part on encouraging entrepreneurial activities by young Romanians in varied fields.
Top Front: Dan Dimancescu* (Boston), ex-Amb. Mark Gitenstein* (Wash DC), Amb. Hans Klemm (Bucharest)
Top Back: Prof. Alan Cruse* (San Francisco), Corina Rebegea* (Wash DC), Radu Tatucu* (Wash DC), Daniela Kammrath (Wash DC), Tiberius Vadan** (New York), and Eileen McHenry** (Wash DC not pictured)
Not pictured (voice call): Ramona Bejan** (Philadelphia), Iulian Calinov** (Seattle), Chris Fontanesi** (Wash DC), Iuliana Niculescu* (Detroit), Chris Worman* (Los Angeles)

* Bd Member, ** Adv Bd Member

Photos: Eileen McHenry