Affinity Groups

Starting in 2016, Alianta is committed to serve as a
catalyst linking people and projects between Romania and
the United States. Projects in each of the three ‘affinity
groups‘ are selected with at least three characteristics:
- on going activity - clear leadership - potential.


Alianta Coord:

The Diaspora Sketch project – initiated by GRASP and supported by Alianta – is a study of the Romanian community in the United States that aims to provide a map of the professional, educational and economic characteristics of the Romanians living in the US. This study can be extended at a later stage to other […]

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Alianta Coord: Dan Dimancescu

Vacaresti Nature Park (Bucharest) connected by Alianta to Kino Nature Park complex (Tucson, Arizona) and Arizona State University College of Science to explore possible joint research focused on urban nature parks, aquifer issues, and water management; also Marine and Environmental Sciences Program at Northeastern University (Boston). UPDATES July 18, 2017 Introductions made by Dan Dimancescu […]

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Curator: Curator: Sonia Coman-Ernstoff

The ALIANTA website hosts a RAMA Artist of the Month page that functions as a 30-day virtual gallery space for the featured artists. First Virtual Exhibition: ECHOES OF ROMANIA (click here) (Preview) Ionut Radulescu Romanesc, 2013, type illustration Artists: Manuela Holban Patrick Mateescu Cris Orfescu Ionut Radulescu Max Tzinman About the Exhibition In celebration of […]

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