Community Projects

Daniela Kammrath Community Projects Director Alianta, Washington, DC

In 2018 Alianta is focusing its community projects on Romanian film festivals and Romanian language training in the United States. The success of the Romanian cinema on the International Film stage around the world is a fact, while accredited Romanian language-training course offer incentives to the Romanian-American youth to attend, and stay close to their cultural roots. Therefore we chose these two areas, more relevant and stronger in recent years, as a powerful way of bringing together different Romanian-American communities and Americans that share the same interest in Romanian culture.

Vision: Romania becomes more known to Americans through its culture. Romanian-American communities in United States come closer together in a unified voice, through cultural projects.

Mission: Promote Romanian Culture in USA through Romanian Language Projects and Films. • Bring together Romanian American communities in support of promoting Romanian culture.


Main Goals of the Projects:

  • Create a platform for communities to share best practices, collaborate, and support in creating similar activities or already established ones that promote Romanian culture in North America;
  • Identify and channel human and financial recourses for the existing projects in these categories;
  • Contribute to creating a positive imagine of Romanian culture and Romania in US.

Advisors & Partners: 

American Romanian Cultural Society (ARCS)  ( )

The Seattle-based non-profit American Romanian Cultural Society (ARCS)  was founded in 2013 in order to promote a better understanding of Romania’s rich culture and traditions. ARCS signature educational and film events, such as the Romanian Film Festival in Seattle, ARCS Summer Camp, Club Piticot, Romanian in High School and The Center of Excellence ROACT, have been successfully increasing the  role and visibility of the Romanian American community in the Northwest and nationwide.  Find out more about ARCS programs here: 
Unique in the US, the program “Româna la Liceu”, includes an intensive course that prepares high school students for the ALTA exam, and a one-year course that gives them the skills to communicate in Romanian while learning about Romanian culture, history, and literature. This year, the ROACT Center will complement ARCS bilingual education programs with interactive and interdisciplinary courses for age groups ranging between 5 and 14. Come to the ARCS education workshop to learn how you can design and implement such programs.
ARCS has made history by organizing one of the most successful ethnic film festivals in Seattle. From one of the smallest venues in town with 93 seats (in 2014), we have upgraded the festival to the largest auditoriums @ SIFF CINEMA Uptown with 275 seats (between 2015-2017). From about 750 people attending the first edition, last year we reached a record of approximately 2,300 people, including those who attended the pre and post events. Come to the ARCS workshop to learn more about organizing such an event.
ARCS is happy to participate at the Alianța Gala and is looking forward to sharing its expertise in cultural and educational management, as well as to establishing longterm partnerships with other Romanian-American organizations with similar cultural missions and professional experience.


Steering Committee Members:

Fr. Cosmin Antonescu, St. Andrew Church, Potomac, MD

Fr. Cosmin Antonescu is an ordained Romanian Eastern Orthodox Priest and since 2005 has served three of the Romanian- American Orthodox Communities within the United States: the more Americanized one located in Youngstown, OH (established at the beginning of the 20th Century), the newly formed community of Portland, OR (in the late 1980’s) and the dynamic community of “Saint Andrew” Romanian Orthodox Church of Potomac, MD.

“I wish to be involved in these projects because my own existence as a Romanian emigrant in the United Sates reflects the Romanian-American identity and dynamics. Thus, my roots are purely Romanian, being born and raised in the beautiful city of Sibiu. My educational branches expanded in the same region of Romania, in Transylvania, and continue to expand in the new world, the United States, which adopted me more than 10 years ago. The flowers of my life’s tree are blossoming in the United States with the opportunity and blessing to continually serve the Romanian-American Orthodox Community within the Washington DC metropolitan area since 2017, as one of it’s orthodox priest of Romanian origins.  I hope that my expertise and desire to be involved in these projects will benefit the organization and the targeted population. Thank you for this opportunity and privilege!”


Andreea Culian, Washington, D.C.




Andreea Culian is Global Fund Development Manager for the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities at the World Resources Institute. She has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 corporations in leadership and sustainability business practices and building public-private partnerships to address economic, social and environmental challenges.

She moved to the United States with her parents from Romania at the age of twelve. As a child immigrant at an early age, her greatest accomplishment today was maintaining her identity as a Romanian and preserving her language skills. In 1997, she founded together with her father the longest standing Romanian-American newspaper, New York Magazin. As a mother of two young daughters born in the United States, she is passionate about cultivating their love and appreciation for their native traditions and the Romanian language.


Pandi Dacu, MD

Pandi Dacu is a Romanian-born American lawyer, currently working as a director of an independent company in Bethesda, MD, working with the federal government.  She manages contracts, planning, producing, and delivering compliant proposals within a complex business environment. She believes that Romanian culture and traditions should be part of children’s education in the Romanian-American communities living in US and beyond.

“I am involved with these cultural projects Alianta is initiating because Romanian culture deserves to be more known by Americans all over US. Together with the Alianta Gala, we can celebrate Romanian values in profound ways, to bring Romania into our life here in America.  Also, I would love that more Americans discover that Romania has so much more to offer, besides Dracula and Nadia Comaneci.”



Florentina Field, DC


Florentina Field is a Washington, D.C.-based litigation attorney whose practice focuses on transnational matters, including representation of foreign defendants in U.S. courts and international judgment enforcement matters.  Originally from Targoviste, Romania, near the royal court of Vlad the Impaler, she moved to the United States to attend University of Pennsylvania, where she pursued both her college level and law school studies. Florentina is interested in connecting the Romanian and American cultures and is excited about any projects that would bring her two homes closer.




Arria Giulan, HORA, Minnesota

Arria Giulan is a transformational leader with proven track record designing and implementing winning strategies in Fortune100 companies, nonprofit and communities. Even though US is home, Arria is very clear that her roots are deep in the Romanian soil. As Board Director of the Heritage Organization of Romanian Americans in Minnesota ( ), Arria focuses on marketing, fundraising and building community alliances. She is presently leading promotional activities for HORA’s second Romanian immigration documentary, Through the Iron Curtain – from Romania, released in 2017 in collaboration with Twin Cities PBS,

“Alianta provides a truly unique opportunity for individual Romanian American communities to build connections, share and learn from each other. I am inspired and energized by the possibility of coming together and building a strong Romanian North American community, in the year of Romanian centennial unification.”


Ionut Grigorescu, CA

Ionut Grigorescu is a Romanian entrepreneur, expert in both environmental issues and digital media and committed to revolutionizing waste management through innovative policies and digital technologies. In digital & media, he is the major shareholder of Business Review Magazine. In 2017 he established his residency in California and is managing the expansions of his holding activities in US and worldwide. Ionut is passionate about connecting worldwide entrepreneurs with art & culture in order to develop the values and education.


Magda Matache




Margarerta (Magda) Matache is a Harvard University instructor, Roma rights activist and director of the Roma Program at Harvard FXB, Center for Health and Human Rights . Magda is very interested in promoting the cultural diversity of Romania, including the Roma contribution to the Romanian culture and history, as an integral part of diaspora’s efforts.





Adriana Peck, VA

Adriana Peck is a cultural awareness-training specialist who moved to United States in 2013. In Romania, she worked as a Japanese Language Instructor and a Curriculum Design Specialist. After two state-funded scholarships in Japan she established a NGO promoting Japanese Language and Culture. In 2012, she organized the Japanese Culture Week with guests from Japan, France and Germany. She taught Romanian Language and Culture for Japanese Foreign Affairs Ministry and, now in US, teaches US diplomats from DoD, DoS and Department of Commerce. She is looking forward to further contributing and raising awareness and visibility of Romanian culture in United States.





Dana Voller Bergman, MN

Dana Voller is passionate about sharing the Romanian cultural and linguistic heritage and is looking forward to expanding her involvement in projects outside Minnesota.  As language instructor for Peace Corps Romania she had coordinated language training events, cross-cultural curriculum development and cultural programs for five years. In US from 2003, she was happy and proud to share her knowledge of the Romanian history, culture and language with the Romanian community through HORA language classes and events, in Minnesota and New York, prior. Today, she is a learning and development consultant for Wells Fargo Treasury Management.





Anca Tabakova, MD

Anca Tabakova is a Public Health Services Officer currently assigned to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She serves as expert analyst in developing, monitoring, implementing, and evaluating health IT grants and deploys whenever needed, most recently in West Africa, in response to the Ebola epidemic. Born, raised and educated in Romania, as a mother of young children, Anca wants her children’s children to be aware and proud of their roots, language and culture.

“I am very excited to be part of Alianta’s community projects that aim at cultivating our language and culture, meeting new people and working together for common goals while growing our community. I know that with the help of so many smart, intelligent and willing people, we will be able to succeed. “




Camelia Rosu, VA

Camelia Rosu believes in reconnecting Romanians in US to Romanian traditions and via cultural events. With a Master in Engineering Management from Duke University, Pratt School of Engineering, Camelia has cutting- edge expertise in cyber security, data analysis and visualization. Her commitment to Romanian culture can be seen among other things in the fluent Romanian spoken by her teenage kids. In addition, Camelia is involved in various projects in Romania that strive to make democracy and its values part of Romanian political fabric.



Tiberius Vadan

Tiberius Vadan is an enthusiastic and active Romanian leader in the global Romanian community, especially in New York for more than twenty years as a Romanian and American citizen.  Founder of the Romanian Business Professionals Association (now rebranded RomAmPro) in 1997, focused on connecting and accelerating young Romanian professionals careers and capturing the Romanian culture and spirit.  He is a member of Alianta Board of Advisors, and Member of Romanian American Business Council, both focused on American-Romanian partnerships in Business, Education, Cultural, and other. Involved in promoting children’s education – Founding Member of the Alex Fund with Leslie Hawke driving education of underprivileged children throughout Romania, Board Member for Hip hop for Kids working with Michelle Obama, Columbia University’s Center for Mental Health, as well as large number of Hip Hop stars to use music and dancing to decrease obesity in inner city children.

Globally savvy, experienced Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Transformation executive with over 18 years of experience in leading business development, cross-functional transformation teams.  He is currently an Executive and partner in IBM’s Global Enterprise Transformation.

“We already started a Romanian School in New Jersey with the RomAm Pro, where I am a board member and Vice President.  As a significant supporter of education in general and Romanian education in specific, I have promoted this topic through personal leadership, donations, founding member of the Alex Fund with Ms. Hawke and Mr. Dimancescu, and many other causes. I want to be an active participant in these cultural projects of Alianta.”